Get Certified


  • An accredited AMA provider is a health and fitness professional applying exercise and movement assessments to athletes for the purpose of optimizing athletic performance.
  • AMA providers understand the scope of their expertise and skill set in order to consult and refer out to other professionals when appropriate.


  • Accreditation is granted upon completion of an AMA course.
  • Courses consist of a theory and a hands-on component reviewing exercise and movement protocols.


Health Care Providers (Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, Osteopaths, Medical Physicians, Nurses, and Massage Therapists)

  • Candidate must hold at least a bachelor's degree or currently enrolled in their senior year in a college or university recognized by the Ministry of Education as a degree granting institution.
  • Candidates must carry malpractice insurance.
  • Documentation will be requested upon application.


  • Candidate must be certified and in good standing with a regulated association that grants diplomacy or accreditation for training purposes.
  • Documentation will be requested upon application.

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