Who can take the AMA seminars?

Healthcare professionals & students (chiropractors, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, osteopaths, medical physicians, nurses, and massage therapists, etc.)

  • Candidate must hold at least a bachelor's degree or currently enrolled in their senior year in a college or university recognized by the Ministry of Education as a degree granting institution.
  • Healthcare professional candidates must carry malpractice insurance.
  • Documentation will be requested upon application.

Strength coaches & personal trainers

  • Candidate must be certified and in good standing with a regulated association that grants diplomacy or accreditation for training purposes.
  • Documentation will be requested upon application.

Do you provide Continuing Education (CE) credits?

Yes, in most cases. The seminars are 2 days (12 hours) and can often be utilized for continuing education credits (chiropractors). Note: You must check with your regulating body to confirm your specific CE requirements (Physiotherapists, RMTs, trainers, others). For some groups, AMA may apply for specific CE credit status. Contact us for more details.

Do you have to re-certify yearly?

No. Only practitioners who have taken an Extremity Seminar can audit the same course at a future date for $50 (limited spots available). This gives you the opportunity to further your understanding of the material and ensure you continue to appropriately interpret your assessments. Note: You cannot audit the Therapeutics Seminar.

What is AMA's cancellation policy?

AMA reserves the right to cancel all seminars.  If AMA cancels the seminar, clients will be given a full refund for the course only. In the event that a seminar is cancelled due to, but not limited to, a scheduling issue, venue issue, or geo-political issue, AMA will refund or credit your seminar fee but will not compensate for any flights, accommodations, or missed work. Should the client withdraw from the course with greater than 14 calendar days before the first day of the course, then a $100.00 processing fee will be withheld and the balance refunded.  For cancellations with 14 calendar days or less to the date of the course, no refund will be issued.  If the client does not attend the course, no refund will be issued.

Audits: Please email us at athleticmovementassessment@gmail.com before registering to determine if there are spots remaining in the seminar to audit.  Should an auditing client withdraw from the course at any time, NO refund will be issued.  If the client does not attend the course, NO refund will be issued.