What is AMA?

Athletic Movement Assessment (AMA) is unique motor skill assessment system for healthcare and fitness professionals, which helps them determine the most important treatment and training needs of their athletes.

Maximize Your Athletic Potential

AMA Certified Practitioners use sport-specific assessment methods to customize your workout programs to improve your training outcomes.

Sport/position/movement-specific assessments are the best way to get the most out of your training and performance potential.

Recover Faster from Injuries

Traditional clinical approaches to managing your injury are designed to get you out of pain and back to normal activities. They simply are not enough to determine your readiness to return to sport.

The AMA system bridges the gap between the clinic and the field of play. This gives your healthcare practitioner the necessary information to better guide your treatment plan, which ultimately gets you back to sport faster.

Reduce Risk of Future Injury

A thorough understanding of both the biomechanical demands and risk factors of your sport are the foundation to implementing programs designed to reduce injuries.

An Athletic Movement Assessment is customized to the sport, position, and unique needs of the individual to ensure your training program is best suited to reduce injury risk.


Want to book an assessment?

An Athletic Movement Assessment conducted by a Certified AMA Practitioner will include a full work up of your sport/injury history, a movement assessment specific to your sport demands, and a prescription of the optimal treatment/training options to augment recovery from injury and improve your physical performance.

Athletic Movement Assessment is used by:

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