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Lower Extremity

The objectives of the lower extremity seminar are to learn a thought process by: 1) Understanding movement as a product of motor skill acquisition and 2) Learning how to interpret findings to provide clinical/performance relevance. Focus will be given to a ground up approach starting with foot function, lower limb compliance and control, coordination between the lower extremity and core, and capacity to accept eccentric load.

Seminar Details:

  • Introduction to the AMA system which includes a review of movement variability, motor learning, and the role of the lower kinetic chain.
  • Application of movement sciences - strategies and movement errors, regional interdependence, and augmented feedback.
  • Review of pre-requisite, core, and complex lower extremity protocols.
  • Live demonstrations and an interactive hands-on format.

Seminar Outcomes:

  • You will have transferable skills to immediately use in your practice.
  • You will be able to prioritize the most important intervention for your athlete-patient.
  • You will think about and observe movement at an advanced level.
  • You will have an adaptable thought process that enhances and guides your current and future skill set (chiro, physio, trainer etc.).
  • You will understand concepts of movement variability, motor learning, and skill acquisition with relevance to each athlete-patient you see.
  • You will have increased buy-in from your athlete-patient.